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Freedom and Joy!

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

I actually posted this Blog on Patreon in 2019. It came up in a memory and since I feel the same and very little has changed I decided to post it again. Enjoy!

"The journey to freedom leads to joy." Empress So I’ve actually been back in Mexico all of 4 weeks and find it hard to break away from the fascination of the flora and fauna to concentrate on working. We are in the rainy season. It storms approximately 1 to 4 hours a day (sometimes at night) and then the sun shines full blast. Nothing stops the locals from going to the beach! The short cut from the main street to the beach passes our house and I watch people going and coming, walking through the rain in their t-shirts, shorts and bathing suits. I’m thinking “it’s raining. I’m not going to the beach because I’m going to get wet”. Then I laugh because that’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one. By the time I get into my bathing suit and out the door the rain has turned into a gentle drizzle and I enjoy the coolness as it sprinkles my body. El Rey and I walk bare foot across the bridge that connects us to the main road that leads us to the beach 3 minutes away. Music is playing and the wonderful smells of garlic spiced Mexican food fill the air as we arrive on the beach. Everyone greets you here even if they don’t know you. “Hola, Buenos Dias” I reply to these people who look me directly in the eye and smile. I’m already making friends here although my Spanish is dramatically bad. Everyone is amazingly patient and helpful. They love us here and American politics has not dampened their welcoming spirit. I’m becoming a much better swimmer and El Rey is teaching me to dive. No equipment, no masks, no snorkel. Just goggles so I can see underwater. I don't plan to go so deep so I don't think I need anything more. At first I just swim beneath the waters surface. I watch El Rey swim to the bottom were there are thousands of fish. He grabs on to a boulder to help him stay under longer. I’m amazed at how deep he can go and how long he can hold his breath. I want to do it too so I surface, take a deep breath and try again. This time I get a little deeper. The fish are swimming around me and I’m excited and exhilarated. There are thousands of fish of every sort and many species that I don’t recognize. They are all beautiful and living at peace in the ocean and I am swimming with them. I think to myself over and over again, this is heaven and I want my family and friends to experience the freedom and joy of living here. We return home and continue to work on our project. © Copyright July 27, 2019

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