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The most RELAXING OCEAN Adventure


The first months of our lives are spent in water, holding our breath.
To be born is to breathe.
To be reborn is to reconnect with the sea, with the mother.
We should be comfortable in the water and trust the ocean to support us and our breath.
Under the surface we ignore gravity and fly.
Whatever your level of comfort with the sea, we have a life changing adventure to share.
These adventures are hand crafted with the intent to empower by reconnecting to the source.
Text me your contact information and a date and time to connect.

Please note:

  • Public transportation nearby

  • Not wheelchair accessible

  • Not stroller accessible

  • Not suitable for pets

  • Not recommended for pregnant travelers

  • Not recommended for people with heart conditions

  • Enjoy a private tour with (maximum) one to three couples. This tour is not listed. Text for details and price.

  • Text me for information at +1 702 334 5228.

What to bring:

Bring a "day tour" attitude because Mismaloya is the nicest beach that you can reach by car.

After your Adventure we usually sit at the beach to swim, get a massage, eat and drink. A nap on the beach afterwards is highly recommended!

There is every kind of water sport available from paddle boarding to kayaking and Jet Skiing.

Bring Pesos! Cards are not accepted universally. The bus is only 10 pesos and runs until about 10pm. Taxis are available 24/7 for less than 500 pesos from outside the Puerto Vallarta area.

Text me directly at +1 702 334 5228 if you need more information.






+1 702.334.5228
Puerto Vallarta, Mismaloya, 48294, México
same day text response!


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